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November 12, 2014


Good article, one thing I think you may be overlooking is that the Ethereum 'community' appears to treat the products they bought as an investment and not much more. The facts are that the technology has never even been defined.

OTOH, I see some serious difficulties in regulating investment schemes that require not much more than a push of a button on you PC to create.

Very nice article. We poured over all of these issues for months.

A few other points with respect to ether, the Ethereum token:

Ether is used on the system by developers to develop, test, debug, deploy, operate, modify, upgrade and otherwise interact with their decentralized applications (DApps). For many development projects, pools of ether will be required for normal operation, e.g. for an insurance DApp that guarantees certain kinds of transactions on the system. Developers will also use ether to pay for the services of other DApps on the system that their own DApps require.

Users of the system will require ether to pay for DApp services.

All of the above is important, of course, but it is critical to the interpretation of ether as a software product to understand that unless we require payment of small amounts of the cryptofuel ether for every computational step on the system and every storage operation, the system would grind to a halt due to excessive storage demands (e.g. storing a music collection on the blockchain) and excessive computational demands (e.g. infinite loops in DApps that freeze the system). Note that this ether is paid to the miners that process transactions on the system, not to the non-profit foundation that is responsible for building the platform.

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